The Latest Elongated Skull Video & Our Different Conclusions than Brien Foerster


Brien Foerster has done tons of research on elongated skulls and this video shows many of the results of his work. Elongated skulls are NOT the result of head-binding cultures, as Darwinian trained archaeologists surmise, as the elongated skulls are elongated from the womb, as the video will show you, and they don’t have the normal sutures on top of the skulls but are closed on top, apart from all the other differences and anomalies. The mystery of course is where did these elongated skull humans originated from?

As much as I admire Brien Foerster’s tenacious research and passion to show (qu)academia that they are …

  1. obfuscating true research into these anomalous skulls
  2.  denying early oceanic crossings of humans & these kind of humans originating in Europe or Middle East around the Caspian and Black Seas..
  3. Ignoring these skulls by NOT subjecting them to rigorous & honest genetic DNA analysis..
  4. confusing the later ‘Indian’ Incas to these skulls via their bogus head binding theory.
  5. etc. etc.

I draw different conclusions than Foerster because we each come from totally different worldviews and scientific paradigms. I will explain:

Brian Foerster, — as many of his fellow travellers, like Matt Childress, Graham Hancock, and other “megalithomaniacs” – as they call themselves — are perhaps alternative in some ways, but still very mainstream in paradigm, in that they are still full-blown Darwinians, inspite of the facts and top scientists that have shredded this bogus theory as a total fantasy and untenable science. See our articles on the subject here on our site.

Therefore we could classify Foerster as a Darwinian New Ager, as he probably holds to the off-planet alien visitation theory that is becoming more and more popular in many circles, because those two theories support the system paradigm of naturalistic materialism, to which most people gravitate who can/will not believe in spiritual, supernatural, metaphysical origins of the universe, as the previous article to this one, fully explains.

And thus Foerster comes to conclusions that Mankind has a very long history of tens of thousands or longer years, and that there are several different species, as he mentions the spurious Neanderthalers, Homo Florensis, and the increasingly popular “Denisovians” from Russia and Siberia.

I say ‘spurious’ species because history science has been warped by wrong classifications ever since the so-called Enlightenment and rationalism caused 19th century rich bankers to screw it up with – for example – this useless periodisation of Paleolithic and Neolithic, which is supposed to illustrate how Man developed from cave dwelling morons into hunter gatherers and then community dwelling early Gobekli Teponians… into the Sumerians, who finally began to write about their history. (And of course the cherry on their Darwinian Ararat-denying cake is that their “Eve” came from Africa!)

These earliest Sumerians however wrote a very different history than these Darwinians promote, in that they – and all other early civilisations  – described themselves as children of their patriarch gods who ALL descended from the EIGHT FLOOD SURVIVORS, including Noah, who himself was the tenth generation from Adam! But of course – say modern historians – the Sumerians and all the other early civilisations plus the other cultures and nations with their over 700 flood legends, didn’t know what they were writing or talking about, being fresh from their cave-men state and still recent hunter gatherers.

So, God bless Foerster for rattling the mental paradigm cages of the normy historians who are FULLY immersed in their Darwinian teaching, textbooks, tenure holders, and tenacious tendency touting totalitarians in (qu)Academia, but alas, he is still a product of these same Cultural Marxists, Modernists and Materialists who are fully unable or unwilling to recognise the fact that our very bodies are assembled from its inner mystery code embedded in our mitochondrial DNA that contains the RNA blueprints of ALL our proteins and other building blocks of our bodies facilitating our mental processes and consciousnesses to travel around in a material vehicle through a material world — or as some would say – prison!!

And as the faux periodisation warps pre-FLood history into PRE-histoy, and POST FLood history into elongated millenniums or 3 million years of “human development” developing several different species of “humans”, so this Evolutionary faux pas identifies normal humans as Florensis and Denisovans and Neanderthalers, and Lucy from Africa as our great great grandmother, and then of curse the Paracas and other elongated skulls MUST come from outer space, because they are not sure where they came from and how they would fit in normal “evolution”.

And that is where the ANCIENTS themselves totally disagree, as they DID speak about gods that came down, nevertheless not in spaceships but as supernatural beings that mixed their seed with humans and had elongated skull GIANT children who were called “Men of Renown” by Egyptian Moses in the best Ancient history book ever Genesis.

But of course Darwinians could only believe in “natural aliens” from other planets in way-too-far galaxies and so they do not support the ancients’ own explanation in their books that evil angels interfered in the human race and had evil children many or all of whom were cannibals and such an abomination to the normal humans that they finally exterminated many of them and/or dispersed them into far away places like cold Siberia and North Black Sea, but mostly they hopped islands from Malta to Sardinia to the Canaries over to the Americas where they were the first settlers of North America before the ‘Indians’ came from Asia and build the mounds culture in America’s Mid-Southern  states and others migrated from the Persian gulf or Red Sea by boat to the East and left their giant graves in Malacca, Fiji, Rotuma, Easter-, and Catalina islands, and all over the Pacific, probably building their giant megalithic monster buildings from softer clay like  substances, as we explained here in our article “Mystery Solved; How the Megaliths Were Built.”

So we DO very much appreciate Brien Foerster’s research bringing out the results of this super-natural genetic mixing proving the truth of the ancient writings by the Ancients themselves, but not coming to the obvious conclusions that some wayward Angels left their first supernatural estate to lust after the daughters of Man and mate with them, and that is why their skulls are different, and why my niece still has a sixth finger on one of her hands, and the Irish and Scots often have red hair as they were partially fathered by the Formorian giant fathers who actually ate many of them in times gone by, until the Irish got rid of them. I hope Brien shakes his Materialism and sees the light of Super-naturalism! May God bless Brian with REAL LIGHT!!!  ENJOY HIS VIDEO THOUGH, it is mostly worth seeing, just ignore the Materialistic Darwinian jumped to conclusions!

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