Mystery solved! No Alien built Moai but Easter Island scared of giant seafarers?



This video shows again how modern “Science” is led by political or religious agendas. In this case the pop-history TV channels like & “George Noori” show surmise “ALIENS!” Well, the more informed among us already know that they are setting us up for an “alien invasion” of Earth with their secret anti-gravity “UFOhigh-tech, and so history programs are prostituted towards that agenda. Also real Historical Science is persecuted by non-science lying to us that “Easter Island didn’t have trees!” Oh yes they did, and overcutting of forests eroded the island severely, burying many Moai!



But the biggest question remains: WHY did these islanders consume so much time to painstakingly carve and erect so many Moai?” For religion? I doubt it. Most religionists I know — like Churchianity’s one hour on Sunday — prefer a time-saving excuse for real love or (soul-winning) sacrifice! I realise the Greeks built entire temples, but those constructions and their art enhanced their self-esteem and national glory rather than these standard looking ugly Moai, because the Greek gods were actually their deified forefathers and foremothers!

I think I hit on a possible explanation and theory! –Still a theory folks! No settled science yet, like “Anthropogenic CO2 driven Global Warming!” That’s how ‘Empirical Science’ is supposed to work. You must prove, reproduce, and try to falsify your theory, before it can be accepted as scientific.


Here are the givens:

  • People living on a rather small island in the middle of the ocean, who probably loved their home, with little or no natural protection against outsiders.
  • They built 887 huge time-consuming quasi-human gigantic statues facing the villages, seven facing the sea!
  • They either built them for a practical or a religious reason.
  • One huge statue or even a few could be explained by religious zeal, but hundreds? So it must be practical!
  • They are huge giants: The tallest Moai erected, called Paro, was almost 10 meters (33 ft) high and weighed 82 tons Not one size, but small and big ones. Another one in process still was 21 meters high.
  • They have a peculiar not pleasant face-value: Low foreheads, huge chins, heavy brows and elongated noses, deep sunken eyes, ferocious looking!
  • The timing of the building of the Moai is debatable. Wicked Pedia claims on evidence of one book that “The statues were carved by the Polynesian colonizers of the island, mostly between circa 1250 CE and 1500 CE.[1] “ (They mean A.D!) How do they know that? It is tuff stone igneous rock that is impossible to date!
  • With the exception of the seven at Ahu Akivi, the statues always faced away from the ocean
  • From a distance they are indistinguishably human looking, yet of enormous size!
  • Since the island was treeless by the time the Europeans first visited, the movement of the statues was a mystery for a long time; pollen analysis has now established that the island was almost totally forested until 1200 A.D. The tree pollen disappeared from the record by 1650, and the statues stopped being made around that time. THAT means that the statues were interspersed mingled between the trees!


Why do they have to postulate such late dates, 1250 AD, for the building of the Moais? Because people are not supposed to have traveled the oceans much before Columbus! Only a few Vikings are allowed by Darwinism, but not anyone else! Yet here are the Easter Islanders and the Hawaiians, and the New Zealanders, and Aleutians, traveling across the PACIFIC OCEAN!!!!! That is not allowed by Darwinism, because “Sea farers always stuck close to the coast!” bla bla bla! So, the Rapa Nui East Islanders at the earliest could have sailed only per “Kon Tiki of Heyerdahl” to Easter Island, because shipping before that time IS NOT ALLOWED PER DARWINIAN CONSENSUS mindf*cker! (Excuse my French)

Pacific Island Hopping?

TaiwanAborigineShip-260x172Did you know that the Hawaiians sing very similar songs as our Native Taiwanese, the Aborigines here, who are the seafaring forefathers of most Polynesian races all over the Pacific? Hmmm! How did they do that, sticking so close to the coast? Island hopping???

ColumbusNOTfirstSure, in our Non-Darwinian true history, sea levels were 125 Meters lower than today, when Yonaguni was still above water, (and not 12-20.000 years ago, Mr. Hancock, the compromiser.) so island hopping was indeed easier, and it was then possible indeed to “island-hop” all the way to New Zealand! But fact is also that you can’t hop to Hawaii via other islands! You see Columbus was not the first to discover America, let alone the rest of the American continents!

But that notion, our Darwinian dictators deride with a “scientific” curse-word called “Grand Diffusionism!” “Grand” because they say it is a debunked theory! In Uniformitarian Darwinist eyes, to debunk a theory you just give it a bad label that you attack like the dickens as a straw man. Hence “diffusionism is bad bad bad!” And in mainstream hysterical academia, that is not allowed nor kosher! (See Wicked Pedia the gatekeeper for proof!)

Protection From Giant Pirates?

Gigantum-Regio-GiantspicsPATAGONIAN giants (CHILE)

My theory is that the first Easter Island ‘Moai’ were built in a much earlier time when Pacific seafarers still roamed the seas, and these Moai were built to impress potential pirates, that “the giants” living on the island would make short shrift with any intruders. That’s why only seven faced the sea, as the other 900 just faced the island life itself, “unconcerned with any danger.”

Concerning giants, we know that there were giants alive and moving around especially in the Northern and Southern hemisphere and giants were the first settlers in America of the mound builders.


A big giant skull was also discovered in the Aleutian islands near Alaska, and so they possibly traveled by sea as well. Thus it was good policy to protect Easter Island from possible seafaring giants as well, by carving bigger giants (10 M.) than the ones from America, Aleutians, Hawaii, New Zealand, or Patagonia. All places that have a DOCUMENTED THOUGH SUPPRESSED history of resident giants.


And don’t forget the ancient Irish Clonmacnoise Annals that mentions that Ffomorian (giant) pirates that were a nuisance in W-Europe were descendants of the sea-faring “Cham, sonne of Noeh”, who left his name in Vietnam (the land of Cham), Syria (the land of Cham), Chambodia, Cambay India, and many other places, in the REAL Ice Age days when the sea level was 125 M. lower than today!


PacificGiantSeafarers-260x459Isn’t History a wonderful Science when liberated from the paralytic paradigm and intellectual bondage of Darwinism? It is such a feeling of freedom to follow the evidence wherever it leads, freed from false dating and prescribed millions of years and multiple 20-30 thousand years ago “Ice Ages“, and that we descend from small stupid Simians, ape-like ancestors, for which there is no evidence whatsoever, on the contrary!

You are very welcome to my theory! Remember! You saw it first on Ancient Patriarchs of the Paradise Post! :)



7 thoughts on “Mystery solved! No Alien built Moai but Easter Island scared of giant seafarers?”

  1. I’d like to know when aprox. do you think the moais where built and when the easter islanders started living there (year) please, as darwinist say they did it in the xv century of this era (if I’m not wrong)


    1. Who knows, but the xv century is too recent of course, they are megalithic in nature, so surely a few thousand years ago, at least, would be my guess.


  2. Thank you. The fact that the moais could have protected them from the giants is really an interesting theory. Now, until what year before Christ do you think these giant pirates existed? That could give us a good parameter, that is, if the moais protected them from those giants, they would have had to coexist with them.


    1. Not co-exist perhaps, but threatened by them, as the giant skeletons were found all over the Pacific, Aleutians, Catalina island, New Zealand (suppressed by quacademia) Fiji, Solomon islands, Malaysian giant graves, South America. The Formorians in Ireland demanded human sacrifices for food from the early Irish tribes, and were described by Clonmacnoise as the Sons of Ham. Ham traveled all over the planet, as did Atlas while mapping the stars and measuring he Earth. The megalithic builders may very well have been giants, and tone tribe used to live in Sardinia, before they left for parts unknown, perhaps N. America to begin the Mount culture there. Who knows exactly. Just search for giants in our blog and you will find MANY articles and places and records of them. Cheers


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