Archaeologists Find Overwhelming Proofs that the Bible is Truly Historical [VDO]

Dr. Ze’ev Herzog also a professor of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University stated that, “This is what archaeologists have learned from their excavations in the land of Israel: The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel.” BUT……

Inspite of the majority of atheist Israeli archaeologists, like Dr. Finkelstein, archaeologist Dr. Adam Zertal, chairman of the department of archaeology at Tel Aviv University, who used to be an atheist, first believed that “Moses, Joshua, were fictitious characters like Zeus.” But as a conscientious archaeologist, he finally proved to himself that indeed Joshua’s sacrificial altar was real as he found it at Mt. Ebal, and stated that, “if there is an altar on Mt. Ebal… then all the stories in the Bible books of Deuteronomy and Joshua are scientifically true.”

The reactions of the media were of course contrary and kind of bla, but archaeologists did not only find the altar on Mount Ebal near Mt. gerizim, but many more sound proofs of the Bible’s historicity. SEE for yourself and watch this amazing presentation by Don Patton:

Archaeologists found Joshua’s camp at Gilgal and the 12 stones he set up before they crossed the Jordan to conquer Jericho.
Archaeologists found Cretian pottery to prove that it was really Jericho
Archaeologists found one small portion of the north wall still standing with a window and house!
Archaeologists found Ammonite administration building with script in its plaster @ Balaam the prophet! 8th Cent BC.
Archaeologists found 4th C. BC Greek inscription identifying Shiloh + holes of tent poles of the tabernacle.
Archaeologists found three fortfied gates of Solomon at Hazor, Meggido & Gezer
Archaeologists found 7th C. BC silver amulets w. inscriptions from Book of Numbers of Jeremiah’s time
Archaeologists found Jeroboam’s altar at Dan & worship utensils
Archaeologists found a Dan inscripted stele descr. battle between Hazael king of Aram & Kings of Judah & Israel
Archaeologists found Davids water shaft via wich Joab climbed up to conquer Jerusalem
Archaeologists found 51 document bullae with 26 names mentioned in the Bible if time of jeremiah
Archaeologists found Hezekiah’s tunnel from Gihon to Pool of Siloam
Archaeologists found the Tower of Siloam that fell on and killed 18 people


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