A 10,000 FOOT TSUNAMI? RUN Away From Giant Boulders! If you can?

Do you know, that recent tsunami in the news – dreadful as
we knew it to be  – was a baby! What do you make of this? It knocked me over. Manuel (a real friend) showed me the other day some pictures of enormous boulders that were brought from far away. Some great force must have lifted them up and carried them. And, would you believe, they are sitting ALL OVER the world!

In North America, for example, the Madison boulder near Conway, New Hampshire, measures 90 by 40 by 38 feet, and weighs almost 10,000 tons, about as much as the weight of 130,000 people! Unlike the bedrock beneath, it is composed of granite.  Thus the boulder is called “erratic.”copyright courtesy: WheresYvette.wordpress.com

In Britain and Germany are found many such boulders brought across the sea from Norway. Boulders from Finland have been swept over Poland, the site of Moscow, and as far as the River Don.  Often they are frighteningly piled up.

Huge blocks from Canada and Labrador lie strewn over North
America.  Some are plain GIGANTIC.

An erratic boulder in Warren County, Ohio, covers ¾ acre and weighs 13,500 tons (the load of a large cargo ship). And near Malmö, southern Sweden, is a mass of chalk stone 1,000 feet wide, up to 200 feet thick and THREE MILES LONG!


Manuel asked me, “Could these boulders have been carried by
“Definitely not! ”
“But why not?”
Some are found high up on mountains. But observations in the Alps have shown that glaciers carry stones downhill, not uphill.

Also, erratic bounders are found in places where continental ice could hardly have deposited them… on the Azores, islands separated from the ice cover by a wide expanse of ocean.


Now you’re talking. Take, for example, the Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea. Here  they are found near the summit, where ONLY WATERS could have lifted them.

In Europe, huge rocks (one of them 10,000 cubic feet) were carried from the Alps, across a space now occupied by Lake Geneva, and hurled 2,000 feet up on to the Jura Mountains, where they still sit!

Broken off from the parent rock, many were carried over valleys and hills, over land and sea. You probably know that the faster water moves, the more it can erode, the more it can lift.

If water increases in velocity by 4 times, it can transport not 4 but 54 times as much matter. If it accelerates 100 times, it will carry 50 million times as much material.


In 1960, Chilean earthquakes sent tidal waves traveling at jet speeds of 525 miles an hour (840 kilometers per hour). Just imagine the POWER in that!


On July 9, 1958, a wave washed 1,740 feet high along the
fjord-like Lituya Bay, Alaska. Calculations have been made. If a passing heavenly body came close earth, this could produce a tide perhaps 10,000 feet high, flowing over the continents once a day at about 1,000 miles per hour at the equator.

Which brings to mind that legendary Great Flood, so often
spoken about by our ancestors.


Even in today’s relatively small floods, we see bridges, houses, trees and immense boulders ripped up and swept along like mere pebbles and matchsticks.  Such floods seldom rise higher than a few dozen feet.  Their main force is exhausted in days or hours.

But when we begin to speak in terms of a Flood that “prevailed upon the earth one hundred and fifty days” and covered “all the high mountains which are under all the heavens”, we must face the fact that we are no longer dealing with phenomena that are familiar to modern science. In such a Flood we must therefore expect damage that staggers the imagination.

I put this to you… The Great Flood can explain many otherwise puzzling geological features of today’s earth. That this event occurred just a few thousand years ago can be established by the extent to which the rocks under the erratic boulders are denuded.

You won’t find a great deal written about this today. It is dangerous information… An embarrassment to  established “scientific” theory.  Because, firstly, this event was GLOBAL. And secondly, it was “RECENT” – more recent than any traditional dating system allows for.

Of course, this cannot begin to paint the full picture of this greatest disaster of history. But if  you’d like to plunge into hundreds of other secrets about this MEGA EVENT, here’s where to go: http://www.beforeus.com  Thanks again, , for hearing me through.
Warm regards,
Jonathan Gray

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