Who Was Cush?

Sumerian Kings List

Cush (or Kush) was the son of Ham or Cham — also named Kronus by the Greeks! Kush’s brothers were Misraim (founder of Egypt) Phut, and Canaan (founder of Canaanites or Phoenicians)

It is stated in the Sumerian Kings List that the Kingdom descended from Heaven, obviously meaning that it landed on a devastated Earth with Noah’s Ark on the mountains of Ararat with his sons Ham, Shem, and Yapheth!



OsirisHam moved to Egypt with his son Mizraim, who founded Egypt and was also called Osiris (or Zeus acc. to the Greeks). Even today Egypt is still called Misr by the Egyptians themselves!MISR2

Below is the table of the early post-Flood patriarchs’ “proto”-family of Man, after whom many of their tribes and nations were named.



Cush in Mesopotamia

Cush or Kush, Misraim’s brother, first started the Kingdom of Kish in Mesopotamia, then called the valley or ‘Land of Shinar’ in the Book of Genesis written by Moses, the Hebrew vice-Pharaoh of Egypt descendant from the Sumerian stock of Abram via Eber and Peleg, father of the Pelasgians, one of the early tribes responsible for building many megalith structures all over the globe.Cush-MeshKiangKasher-Cush-Sailor-WikiPedia-Doubter

Misraim-Cush-Put-CanaanAs in the account above where (acc. to David Rohl) he is identified as Mesh-Kiang-Gasher, Cush then took off by sea! Why by sea! Because the entire early “proto”-family of Mankind (mind you, there were no other people on Earth anymore) all traveled by sea, as it was much easier, more convenient & faster in those early post-Flood days than slogging yourselves across treacherous soggy marsh-lands that had no roads yet.


Cush in Africa

Cush then became founder of the kingdom of ‘Cush’ in what is now the Sudan below Egypt which belonged to his brother Mizraim, while Libya belonged to his brother Put, and the Levant was taken by brother Canaan.

Many African tribes themselves state that they descended from Cush and Ham, like for example the Yoruba tribe today still traces their ancestry from Ham! Ham-Cush

The Ethiopians trace themselves from Ham’s son Cush via his son Ytyopp’is, after whom the country was named ‘Ethiopia’! You see, most countries then were named  after their founders, like Misr (Egypt) after Mizraim, France after the Franks, Deutschland after Tuisch (son of Yapheth) Hellenica (Greece) after their founder Helen, Iberia (Spain) after Heber, Britain after Brutus, Italy after Atalas, Friesland after Friya’s land, etc.



This obvious namesake reality Wicked Pedia tries to continually minimise and obfuscate, because it contradicts their favorite by them promoted Darwinian narrative, and would give too much credence to the by them despised ancient records of Man like Genesis, Beowulf, Anglo Saxon Chronicles, Annals of Clonmacnoise, Oera Linda Book, Homer’s Illyad & Odyssey, all of which they prefer to call “myths” without any historicity whatsoever!

MaskAgamemnonThey even have a favorite pejorative for it: “Euhemerism!” Once the name of a trusty historical method is now a pejorative, considered — of course — “unreliable”, as is the by them also dreaded “Grand Diffusionism.”

Nevertheless the great German archaeologist Dr. Schliemann preferred to ignore such ignoble Darwinian guidelines, and on basis of a “myth” discovered the city of Troy, Agamemnon’s golden mask, and recently archaeologists even found wood of that infamous “mythical” Trojan Horse! Good grief? No! Goodbye politically correct Darwinism! OUT the window you go buddy, as the most unscientific theory — or rather bad joke! — to have ever hit Mankind!


Cush in India

KrishnaBlackAlso the darker skinned Dravidian Indians in Southern India have genetic ties to the African Cushites, and therefore are most likely also offspring of Cush. There is a mountain range in India called the Hindu Kush, a city called Kususthali, and their top god Rama had a son called Kusha.

Some even believe that the much loved blue-skinned pipe-playing Krishna was possibly named after Cush as well, even though he lived around 1500 BC.

Krishna had just left the “golden” city of Dwaraka when it was swallowed up by the waves around 1500 BC, acc. to the famous Indian marine archaeologist historian Dr. S.Rao. Krishna’s friend Arjuna though was there to witness how the entire city disappeared below the waves in a very short time.


Darwinian Snub of Euhemerism

It is very striking in the dark report above how Dr. Rao’s “findings are disputed by the far-left in India, who regard all such claims in Indian records as mythology, hoax or fiction!” “Euhemerism” of course! 🙂

Isn’t that typical how Marxists worldwide enforce their “politically correct” narrative of materialistic Darwinism. They — just like the BBC and National Geographic — realise that the discoveries of worldwide submerged Bronze Age cities and ruins are deadly for 20.000 year old Ice Age(s) and would kill Darwinism.

Because that long ago the “hunter gatherer turning cavemen” couldn’t even construct anything, let alone smelt bronze, and therefore the proper dating of the Ice Age had to be far more recent, beginning around  2300 BC until 1500 BC, when the by Flood induced volcanic activity heated post-Flood oceans had finally cooled 10 degrees down to its present temperature which stopped the heavy evaporation of its waters and in turn the heavy Ice Age rains and snows that had caused the icecaps on land, plus its heavy erosion of the pyramids and Sphinx, but also the cattle friendly grazing fields in the … SAHARA!, and actually resulted in a then totally green Earth without any deserts!


Here are other submerged cities of a total of 30 ports in Tamil Nadu, Southern India, by N. Athiyaman, believed to have disappeared below the waves around the time of the Sangam literature era.


A 1500 BC Ocean Level Rise

steampanThat was the time when the world’s ocean levels rose around 130 M. or 300 ft., caused by the melting of the Northern icecaps when the Ice Age ended because the climate had changed due to the diminishing rains causing drought and aridity in North Africa, Middle East, Northern India, Mexico, and many other places around the world. The Ice Age rains which were caused by a hotter post Flood ocean had cooled down to present day levels.aftericeage2-1024x520

That huge melt caused the flooding of Atlantis, Doggers Land, Kumari Kandam, Yonaguni, the Land of Sunda, the Land of Mu, and many submerged cities and ruins all over the Mediterranean off the Greek coast and islands, of Pantelleria near Malta, Atlit near Haifa, many Azores islands, the Bimini Road near Bermuda and Cuba, and the Black Sea megaliths off the coast of Anapa and Sochi cities.

The end of the heavy Ice Age rains caused a huge Climate Change all over the world, and turned vast areas of the world into deserts. It also is known as the “Bronze age Collapse!”SaharaRock

As the rains stopped, the Saharan lakes dried and rivers turned into wadis, so that the Northern Africans couldn’t feed their cattle any longer, causing them to be driven out and wander to find new inhabitable lands. Some of them are now known as the Olmecs in Mexico!olmec

Not only Africans, but also the Atlanteans in the Atlantic Ocean were forced off most of their islands and driven into their boats, many of whom were the so-called “sea peoples” that tried to take over Egypt and Greece, as also the priest of Sais had told the grandfather Solon of Plato that then the brave Greek armies shone forth to resist the onslaught of these invaders from Atlantis!

The people from Turkmenistan ran out of water as their Margush river dried up, and had to leave behind their magnificent city Gonur, one of the oldest cities in the world, now left desolate.



The Indus Valley people had to flee the cities Harappa and Mohenjo Daro and probably took ship to find new places to live. Some moved into Southern India, where as some called the ‘Kambojas’ made it as far as “the Land of Cham” (guttural Ham) or ‘Champa’, now called Vietnam and Cambodia, where they settled, but some made it even as far as Easter Island, as its Rongo Rongo script is very similar to the Indus Valley script.

Of course Darwinians will pooh-pooh these facts as “Grand Diffusionism”, another favorite pejorative for a most proper historical theory based on cultural, genetic, linguistic, and many other facts!

Thus the children of Kush and Phut were scattered along with other children of Cham (Ham) as well as the children of Canaan. Most of them, however, were wiped out by another invading tribe, offspring of Shem, the tribe of Jacob also called Israel who conquered most of their lands, only leaving a remnant in what is now called Lebanon.

SidonTyrThere, descended from Sidon and Tiras (Tyr/Tsur/Sour/Syria), these sons of Kanaan became the Phoenicians who maintained a tight grip on shipping and sea trade all over the Mediterranean, as they had monopolised of old also the trade with the Atlantean thallasocracy of King Atlas and Neptune (Naptuhim son of Mizraim) and their oceanid offspring, like Maia, matriarch of the Mayans.

Eventually also the iron smelting Hittites disappeared or were amalgamated into the conquering tribes. And it took quite a few centuries to gather new momentum to bring civilisation back up to the level it had before the Bronze Age Collapse.


7 thoughts on “Who Was Cush?”

    1. If Cush is the son of RAMA, — as you say– then RAMA must be the same individual as HAM or CHAM from the Bible son of Noah! Ham is called Kronus or Cronus in Egypt and by the ancient Greeks. Cham was one of the three Flood surviving brothers and sons of Noah: Shem (Sharma), Ham (Charma), & Yaphet (Pra-Yapethi)! The 3 brothers and their 3 wives survived the global Flood dated to around 2400 BC, plus Noah and his wife. That makes EIGHT! Charma, Sharma and Pra Yapheti were the sons of Satyavratha (Noah) of the Dravidians! Noah was also called MaNU in India, who was leader of the seven Rishis! That makes also eight! Like the Chinese 3 Huang and 5 Wu Di, which also makes 8, and Oannes and his seven (8), or the Egyptian Nu and Nut with their three sons and their three wives, which also makes EIGHT!
      CHAM (or RAMA as you call him) was called (H)AMON RA, the top god of Egypt!
      All the so-called gods were originally human leaders or kings that were dei-fied by their followers or even by themselves, a thing which their father Manu/Noah/Satyavratha resisted and deplored, as he believed and wanted to give glory to the Creator God only.
      Cush or Kush was also the father of Y’tioppis, the founder of Ethiopia, where his tomb is still to be found, and father of Nimrod early leader of Sumer, around 2300 BC!
      Thank your for your comment.


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