What Unique Climate Mechanism Caused the Ice Age?

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Ice Age Hydrology —  Exposition One

steampanWhat caused the Ice Age? The common wisdom is that it was colder back then, but the Arctic and Antarctic were already deserts because of the intense cold, so why the ice age snow-packs which covered almost entire continents? Obviously, what caused that expansive and dense cloud-cover for all that snow and much more rain in the middle latitudes worldwide must have been by greater evaporation off the oceans of the world, heated from below, like a pot of water on a low burner.

With over six hundred ancient legends from around the world about the global flood, often similar to the story in the book of Genesis about Noah, when considering that the mountain ranges rose at the close of the global flood as the water slid off into the then deepening ocean basins of the world (see http://globalflood.org), the obviously sound hydrological deduction is, that Noah’s Flood was the historic event which caused the heating of the ocean for the Ice Age to follow!

It’s hydrology 101, really not debatable once the efficacy of the global flood model is established.


Note that some flood stories are records of the sea-level rise during the end of the Ice Age, such as the legend of Kumari Kandam off southern India, and Atlantis in the Gibraltar region. They should not be confused with the clearly global flood legends which predominate among the over six hundred legends from people groups all around the world, their ancestors having migrated to their new homelands, often by sea, as you’ll discover proceeding through this presentation, to establish inarguable facts about our common ancient history.

Geography DURING & AFTER the Ice Age.
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Geography AFTER Ice Age

Exposition Two

When global warming occurs, because of increased solar output (known as sun spots and solar flares), the surface of the world ocean is heated. So obviously this causes greater rates of evaporation off the sea-surface for the formation of more cloud-cover which in turn causes the atmosphere to cool back down, a negative feedback-loop mechanism in the hydrological cycle!

Therefore, the much greater cloud-cover during the Ice Age could not have been caused by global warming, but only by the geothermal heating of the ocean, from below, through the mid-oceanic rift zones when much steam with magma vented during Noah’s Flood into the world ocean while the pre-Flood super-continent Pangaea was rapidly separating.


Very important to remember is, that Noah’s Flood did not cover today’s mountain ranges (contrary to what the biblio-phobes mockingly insist), because the global flood of Noah’s day totally covered and obliterated the low mountains of the pre-Flood super-continent Pangea, that were not formed by runaway tectonic plates crashing together, as was the case for the orogenies [:process of mountain formation especially by a folding & faulting of the earth’s crust.] of our current mountain ranges formed at the close of Noah’s Flood.

So now, when skeptics come to comprehend the solid science confirming the global Flood, so vividly described in the book of Genesis [see http://detectingdesign.com/fossilrecord.html], the reasons to believe all of the Bible become even more apparent, much to the Darwinists’ woe.

Exposition Three

In the aftermath of Noah’s Flood and that year’s runaway plate-tectonics, the vast sedimentary layers laid down during the flood entombing billions of creatures, were up-thrusted forming mountain ranges. Then volcanism was rampant too, when the Ice Age was beginning. Even Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey (where Noah’s Ark came aground) was formed by basalt lava which had been injected from the mantle below into the receding flood waters.


So, volcanoes being very active at that time, carbon dioxide containing carbon 12 blasted into the atmosphere, which diluted (so to speak) the amount of carbon 14 in the atmosphere! Therefore, the carbon 14 datings from that time are greatly exaggerated! [prolonged!]

That’s why sites such as Çatal Hüyük in Turkey of the Hittites (progeny of Canaan’s son Heth), a Bronze Age (which was the Ice Age) site, show carbon 14 dates for some of the organic residue there, at nine thousand years! However the reason for that exaggerated dating for Çatal Hüyük, which was actually constructed around 2100 B.C., was the intense volcanism at that time.

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When Darwinists say the Biblical timeline is impossible because carbon 14 dates are older than the age of the earth according to the Bible, just tell them that volcanism was prolific during the Ice Age, which was actually the Bronze Age, and that the dates which they cite are therefore greatly exaggerated.

Mainstream scientists of the Darwinian bent don’t realize that the Ice Age began and then ended much later than they have been taught, as was proven by the submerged ruins now found on the shallow seafloor! They were Bronze Age ruins, as you will see under our section: Submerged Ruins Atlantis.

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