Ex CBS Reporter on Media Lies, Internet Shills & Astroturfing Trashes Wikipedia! – So is Historical Science! Warped!

wikipedialogoFormer CBS Reporter Exposes Media Lies, Internet Shills & Astroturfing – MUST SEE!!! She speaks how Corporations warp our perception of products, agendas, narratives, politics, etc, via all kinds of forms of gross deception. She completely trashes Wikipedia’s reliability. One author was not allowed to change facts on WP because WP said, “He is not the best source on himself!” On hiS OWN BOOK! For Crying Out Loud!

And this is supposed to be a source that most historical researchers consult and trust? Yes! Wikipedia’s anonymous editors – powerful agents with no accountability – twist, distort, change truth, mold minds, push their agenda, and manipulate their users and HISTORICAL researchers. WHY HISTORY? What is there to be manipulated? First watch this unusual honest TED Talk!

If you enter a search into Wicked Pedia for “The Flood” you are directed to a page named “THE FLOOD MYTH!” And a similar treatment you get for “Atlantis”, “Cross continental Travel”, “Giants”, “Pre-Columbian races and tribes”, etc. WHY!
Because Wikipedia is a Darwinist GATEKEEPER!


Our minds are formed by the information available. But if true information does not jive with a preferred paradigm as Darwinism, you will have a much harder time to find true information on that subject, because the gatekeepers will forbid, hinder access to it, and defer, mislead, divert your attention to their agenda instead!

In our articles you can find many such authentic subjects that are systematically demonised, bad mouthed, blackballed, — you choose the word. If you search and find Pre Columbian travel and contact between ancient civilisations? You will be told that it is “pseudo archaeology”, “The lunatic lobby”, “fringe science”, or whatever other pejorative they dare to use with chutzpah for real, genuine, peer reviewed, solid science, and lead you back to false terms and concepts like, “paleolithic”, “neolithic” rather than “Megalithic” (Bronze Age at that) or “Stone CULTURE” instead!


Any terms that are based on the fallacious concept of the “geological column” and “geological time-scale” solely based on circular reasoning where the Index Fossils get dated by the layers they’re found in, and the layers are dated by the Index Fossils, are all chosen and used as politically correct but wrong terms to preach to you the failed theory of Neo Darwinism, based on Macro Evolution that is a religion in disguise.

“Prehistory”, “Pleistocene”, “Cavemen”, “Hunter gatherers”, “Neanderthalers”, etc, are all terms that imply a daisy chain of spurious macro-evolution where “primates” somehow are supposed to have changed into humans by impossible beneficial mutations. Here Kanaan or Canaan gets disconnected from their patriarch Kanaan, and whose name and legacy gets wrapped in Darwinian theological terms and explained away!


Canaan-wikipedia-lie Sidon-Wikipedia-lies-560x89 Wikipedia-lies-300x34  Cush-MeshKiangKasher-Cush-Sailor-WikiPedia-Doubter


Here they deny the historicity of the forefather ancient partriarch of Ethiopia, Indians, Dravidians, Nubians, etc. KUSH, equating him merely with the Bible, mythology, implying that there is no CUSH in historical records? Yet all the afore mentioned nations accept him as their primogenitor!

Cush Wikipedia



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