FAKE NEWS! Smithsonians NEVER admitted their destruction of giant skeletons

Organicandhealthy, worldnewsdailyreport,  theeventchronicle, lunaticoutpost, truthorficton, the truthseeker.co.uk, and many other fake websites are repeating this hoax news that the AIAA or ‘American Institute for Alternative Archaeology’ sued the Smithsonian Institute in the early 1900-s. 

The AIAA does not even exist now, nor did it ever exist in the past. These websites are controlled opposition creating a straw-man and a ‘red herring’ to obfuscate the true history that the Smithsonians during the 19th and 20th century the Smithsonians did INDEED take most, if not all, giant skeletons found in America, so-called for “more research”, only to never be heard of again! And that was & is REAL news as reported even by the New York Times itself in those early days as well as in numerous other newspapers.

Here is a lying quote from this fake news report. Don’t fall for it:

Allegations were made by the American institution of Alternative Archaeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian Institution had destroyed thousand so giant human remains during the early 1900’s wasn’t taken so well by the Smithsonian who reacted by suing the organization for defamation and the damage of the 168-year old institution.

If you like to see what is actually being obfuscated by these lying websites, go to our article with the actual clippings and screenshots of the actual newspapers that testified to the finds of giant mummies and skeletons all over America, and other places as well, here:


Here follow a few news clips and photos from the past:


Here is a photograph of the actual find of the Antrim Giant in a mine in Northern Ireland, just before it was stolen and disappeared. Probably destroyed in England by those who want to keep the fake scientific consensus of Darwinism alive in the minds of the masses.



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