The Receding Floodwaters: Evidence for Noah’s Flood – Michael Oard

Geological evidences for the erosion of the First Earth destroyed by a 4500 years ago Global Flood. Presented by Michael Oard. If English is a little difficult for you, click on the CC button and the spoken text will become visible as subtitle. Not perfect though. Enjoy! Perfect for geologists.



3 thoughts on “The Receding Floodwaters: Evidence for Noah’s Flood – Michael Oard”

  1. Earth is not a Globe my friend. Earth is not in space either. Actually there is no vacuum of space. It does not exist. We have been lied to for over 500 years.
    Earth is a flat plane. It is round but not a globe. And we have a huge dome over us. The dome over us turns at the same speed the stars are moving. The stars are actually attached to the outside of the dome over us and the so called planets are wandering stars, not globes of rock and dirt.
    And the sun and moon are our close neighbors, right over our heads under the dome.
    If the earth is enclosed in a huge dome, that makes the world wide flood much easier to happen.
    I forgot to mention that outside the dome is water. That is where the water came from when the windows of heaven were opened and the flood came. There is water all around us.


    1. IF you like to know OUR irrefutable proofs of this Flat Earth Conspiracy click on this LINK TO MY ARTICLES ON THAT UNSAVOURY SUBJECT

      This nonsense has even sucked in one of my best friends. it was a very clever ploy by the Enemy of Truth to concoct this clever canard. He even believes that ALL satellites hang on balloons. Ha!
      Discussion ended!
      I wish you would pray and ask God what the real truth is. He will show you, my friend!
      Cheers and Over & Out

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