Kensington Rune Stone Cryptography- More ‘Academia’ Suppressed Proof of Pre-Columbian Travel to America

Why is Academia – some call it quackademia! – fighting pre-Columbian cross Atlantic travel from the Old World, like the dickens? This kensington Rune Stone was actually from 1362 AD, only 130 years before Christopher Columbus. What is all the fuzz  about a mere 130 years before Columbus? A mere second in eternity?

What is their beef? Are they Portuguese nationalists who prefer the discovery of the Western continents by one of their own? Or are they so in love with Columbus that any other person or entity before him  just doesn’t cut the cake to be the “discoverer?” No! Nothing to do with their real motivation.

For now  let me tell you why! Academia just does NOT ALLOW PRE-Columbian Cross Atlantic travel for pure ideological or religious reasons. We’ll explain more about that later, but first watch this interesting short video about how the stone was found and proven authentic by geologic research and cross-cultural research in Gotha Sweden that used the exact same rune script. Yet the owners of the “higher halls of learning” has coined it a hoax, simply because “it was just too early!”VIDEO MUST WATCH

The Kensington Rune Stone History:

Compelling New Evidence, is an exciting non-fiction journey of discovery entitled, The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America.

In September 1898, Olof Ohman was clearing his fields for farming in southwestern Minnesota. As he and his two oldest sons were clearing away trees, they uprooted what’s now known as the Kensington Rune Stone. The inscription on the stone indicates it was carved and immediately buried as both a memorial and a land claim in 1362 A.D. by explorers, 130 years before Christopher Columbus.

Geologist Scott Wolter performed a forensic analysis of weathering minerals in the stone by comparison with tombstones to determine the relative age of the inscription. Once the topic of much debate over its authenticity, the stone has now been proven by Wolter to be genuine through this geologic study. Since the language, runes, grammar and dialect used on the stone must also date back to 1362 A.D., Wolter set out to find that evidence as well. Study of the runes on the Kensington stone led him to Scotland, England, Sweden and Denmark where he found the same runes, language and symbolism in use by the Cistercians, a religious order of monks that began at the turn of the 10th century and gained momentum 200 years later. Although persecuted and put to death in Europe, the Cistercian established military order, the Knights Templar, continued on secretly. Voluminous evidence suggests they traveled to North America claiming land for what they called, The New Jerusalem.

The Kensington Rune Stone is just the beginning of an alternative history of the United States, the beginning of Scott Wolter’s journey to uncover the untold history of North America. Other stones found on the East Coast and inscribed with maps, dates, codes and symbolism give credence to the theory that North America was staked out long before Christopher Columbus ever set sail. That theory is bolstered by an elaborate mapping system for which the point of origin is a mysterious medieval stone tower in Newport, Rhode Island. That tower points directly to Kensington, and serves as a compass for the design of the New World.

In today’s society, Freemasons are those who carry on many of the ideals of Cistercian and Templar thought. But Freemasonry is nothing new. In fact, evidence shows many of the signers of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were Freemasons, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Hancock. The separation of church and state is by their design. It comes as no surprise when considering Freemasonry is founded on the same ideals of the Cistercians, and those ideals led medieval followers to bloodshed at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church.

At the center of this bold retelling of American history lies the Hooked X, a single rune dating back to medieval times that not only dates the artifacts found in North America, but also connects them to Cistercian/Templar ideologies that were central to the creation of a new society. While Wolter’s and other’s research shows he may not have been our country’s first explorer, Columbus’ signature indicates he was likely following the ideological and literal path his brethren laid before him.

The X represents equality — the balance of man and woman, and of heaven and earth. The hook in the X is symbolic of a child, or offspring, and represents the continuation of Cistercian/Templar and Freemasonic? principles through thought and common bloodlines, as many followers believe Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child. Belief in what the Hooked X represents continues today for more than 5 million Freemasons worldwide and perhaps for you upon reading The Hooked X: Key to the Secret History of North America.

The REAL Reason For the Suppression

See, the religion of Academia just cannot allow one 130 years little foot in the Darwinian Timescale door, because if they reluctantly allow some Viking visits to the Hudson Bay, but 130 years would open the door for other inscriptions, and other OOPARTS, and other historical evidences of Phoenician inscriptions, Sumerian bowls, Chinese anchor stones in California, Roman coins, Chinese coins, Roman era early Judaean Hebrew script.

3000 Yrs Old Chinese Anchors California

“Oh no, an avalanche of facts and artifacts!”

They just cannot allow it, because then our preferred narrative will lose control over the thinking of the masses, who now still believe that we descended from stupid ancestors who are the evolved children of hunter gatherers who came from cavemen! THAT is their motivation!

Because all these artifacts are just a story in itself, that Man was NOT stupid in bygone days, but actually the opposite. Ancient Man was smarter, stronger, taller, technologically more advanced then our Middle Ages (able to built pyramids), and believe it or not, longer living, which is why they were called gods, by their shorter living tertiary offspring.

Also if they let these ancient chronicles a foot in the door, then we might all turn to all the other ancient chronicles about other such politically incorrect things, like The global Flood, the historical giants, the Eigt Flood Survivors, the TEN Pre-Flood Kings, and – horrors of horrors – they can not allow Creation! Yikes!

But Creation is what ALL the ancients themselves professed, wrote about, sang about, and have the knowledge of, not just the Bible Hebrews! It was a universal knowledge, but not allowed by modern academia. They want to keep us in the dark about these anciently universally accepted facts. Do you now see their agenda now sticking up its ugly head? If not yet, check our hundreds of other articles on their wicked connivings.

Deciphering the Hidden Kensington Cryptography

One more video about the actual text and the deeper occult (hidden) information deep within the texts. Enjoy! And please be not deceived and wake up to our real roots and the real knowledge of our very smart ancestors. There was a Flood and there was a Creation!

Actually there are other stones ans script found in North America that date even earlier than 1380, to 1100 AD, one in Ohio dating to 1200 AD, and there was one even encrypted in Latin. So dear Academia, you may man the turrets of official authority, but you are worse and more narrow-minded than the Catholic Church during the days of Galileo! For similar religious reasons. PHOOY on you. And any self respecting archaeologists and historians that prefer truth, you ought to come out and dare to say something, because most of you are cowards to keep your cushy positions for filthy lucre sake.

History teacher Howard Burtness is interviewed by Kirsten Roble. Directed and filmed by Dr. Johnathan Storlie about Burtness’s research on cryptography in the Kensington Runestone and in other runestones of the period. Edited by Luther College intern Paul Armstrong with Johnathan Storlie. Produced by John Storlie.


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