Korean Doctor Confirms Ron Wyatt’s Archaeological Exodus & Real Mt. Sinai Discoveries – VDO

A Koran Doctor, Dr. Kim, was for 12 years the personal physician of a Saudi Prince who gave him royal permission to freely travel throughout Saudi Arabia even into the forbidden areas where long ago Biblical archaeologist Ron Wyatt discovered Israelite – Egyptian petroglyphs in what was the Land of Midian, near Mt Horeb and the real Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia which are actually two sides of the same mountain. In Saudi Arabia it is called Jebel El Lawz or the Mountain of Moses and Mt. Hreb.

This Korean doctor Kim confirmed Wyatt’s findings and took pictures of the oldest Menorah in history found on a rock near Mt Sinai and archaeological proofs of the Exodus near the places mentioned in the Bible called Jethro’s House which is actually a cave. Jethro’s Cave Home is still called that today in what was Land of Midian.

This is a very interesting video that is certainly worth watching with a presentation of photos made by Dr. Kim from Korea! Enjoy!

Also the altar of the golden calf, Egyptian and Hebrew inscriptions in the rocks there, a few of which were destroyed, but many are of the god Hathor the cow with the horns that contained the red sun in its middle.

He also went down to the Red Sea crossing which is in the Gulf of Aqaba where other researchers and divers found the same wheels and skeletons underwater that Ron Wyatt had found, proving that Ron Wyatt spoke the truth about his findings, which for many American Christians is still somehow controversial, most likely because of dis-information by enemies of the Kingdom, to obfuscate the amazing things that Ron Wyatt found. He stands vindicated herewith.

Here are some of the screen shots from Dr. Kim’s presentation:

the world’s oldest Menorahthe Altar of the golden Calf – forbidden to enter by Saudi Arabia
This is Mt. Horeb with caveThe Left side blackened Mt. Sinai & on right is Mt. Horeb with cave The Left side blackened Mt. Sinai & on right is Mt. Horeb with cave
Moses’ split rock is actually 6-7 stories highThe split rock with water erosion evidence Two of the 12 springs at Elim

Jethro’s Well is actually called Moses Well and still there, where he watered the sheep of Jethro’s daughters

Jethro’s Cave Home still in the Land of Midian

Jethro’s Cave Home in the Land of Midian

6 thoughts on “Korean Doctor Confirms Ron Wyatt’s Archaeological Exodus & Real Mt. Sinai Discoveries – VDO”

  1. Love this, I’m a follower of our heavenly father and know Ron Wyatt was one of his tools to pass on information. I’m sure Dr Kim is one too, they give their information humbly just as our heavenly father would want them, they’ve been given divine gifts and inspiration.


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