SOLID PROOF why Earth could ONLY have suffered one catastrophic Flood in antiquity! A non-religious logical explanation!

by Lu Paradise • February 14, 2014 •


A non-religious, rational, logical, point-by-point explanation why Earth could ONLY have suffered one huge water-driven Flood catastrophe in fairly recent ancient history. Proof that Neo- Darwinism is pseudo-science to destroy & obfuscate our true ancient history & heritage! — A MUST READ!

In order to propagate and implant a different worldview, the true Ancient History of Man was willfully destroyed by powerful dis-informants promoting a way-too-old narrative based on politically motivated false theory construing non-events proven” by corrupt dating-methods. For example, see how they got it wrong in the following radiometric datings:


This essay will deconstruct and take down the spurious Darwinian assumptions about our past, by posing some amazingly simple questions. Then like magic, the only tenable explanations of what really took place in Antiquity as an epiphany, become immediately apparent, joyfully clearing the air once and for all!

DaYuFloodThe historical Global Flood as recorded in over 700 ethnic legends and historical records, is not just an elephant but “the mammoth in the historical (and geological) living room“, so studiously ignored, ridiculed and obfuscated by mainstream historical and geological academia plus mainstream – and alternative media alike.

IF given any mention by the media at all, the Flood gets downgraded to a localised disaster and mis-identified, for example as the post-Flood overflowing of the Black Sea, the historical inundations of ‘Da Yu’ here in China during the Xia Dynasty, or the Greek floods of Ogyges and of Deucalion & Phyrra.

National Geographic -unworthy of its name- reports…


Just to right away correct this article: European farming was not started by the Flooding of the Black Sea, BUT ‘The Flooding of the Black Sea AND European farming’ were BOTH brought about by the around 1500 B.C. melting of the Ice Age Ice Cap that covered a lot of Northern Europe. So Europe grew bigger on the one hand but smaller because of the flooding of ‘Doggers Land’, and big pieces of Greece, as well as many coast-lines and -lands submerged all over the world by a 300 meter sea level rise, although not as much in Europe because of the lifting of the continent by the loss of weight of the ice-cap!

The melt caused the Black Sea to overflow and some people there had to move, because of the ending of the recent Ice Age! (See our articles on it and that dating!) But people did not only move away from the Black Sea, but also because of the desertification and drought brought on by the lessening of Ice Age rains in the Sahara, the Middle East, and Northern India.

And so – due to the drought? – the Olmecs moved out of Africa to Mexico, the Sea People flooded from Atlantic & Mediterranean islands tried to get into Egypt, the Hebrews moved into Canaan, Canaanites into other lands, the Sahel people moved down to the Nile and Niger valleys, the Aryans moved into India, and the Harrapan civilisation fled the drought in the Indus valley, moving the Dravidians down into Southern India! Etc.

The record of humanity’s more than 700 tribal Flood histories – some more correct & detailed than others– are explained away, for example by a Harvard academic. He rationalises them –now get a load of this! — as the

primordial fear of water of the African Eve” which turned into a meme of our collective consciousness which over the course of adam-and-eve-300x204millions of generations managed to morph and establish itself into 500 different myths of ALL ethnic groups worldwide!”

Sure! Nice pseudo-scientific gobbledygook! Why didn’t African Eve’s other fears also crystalise into 700 other ubiquitous legends? Seriously now, why does every ethnic group have a record of a flood that wiped out all of mankind except for a handful or couple of survivors? Good question!

Obviously, something very big took place long ago which was not only recorded in most nations’ legends, but –as you will see– recorded in the rocks, mentioned in the mountains, overflowed by the oceans, written in the rainbow, and still whispered in the winds on our amazing Earth!


The P.C. Historical Media View

Geological history” as an Internet search term yields the following results, of course dominated by ‘Wickedpedia’, our modern Politically Correct gatekeeper and Orwellian thought-police that “happens” to be enthusiastically supported & promoted by most browsers like Microsoft’s IE or Mozilla, Opera, and social networks Google, Facebook, etc. Their uniformity is astounding! By design?

Geological-historyThese first page results are obviously biased! Whereas “enormous disastersare mentioned, a Global Flood? Nowhere! The Earth is purportedly 4.5 billion years old (as if they were there!), divided intoeons divided into eras”, based on a “geological timescale” read from “the layers in the rocks!” And they call it “science!

Although the simple truth imprinted in the worldwide deposited geological strata stares us in the face, if we care enough to see, they are miserably misrepresented as a very old Earth in a fake narrative about layers purportedly laid down over “billions of years!”

Yet one simple question (posed before on Ancient Patriarchs but now taken further) that easily reveals and exposes that theory as bogus, is this:


Where in the world, did all that dirt in those ubiquitous 2-3 KM deep rock-layers all over the world, come from, if not deposited by a catastrophic Global Flood? Did it fall from the sky?


Think about that deeply for a minute, “Where did all that dirt come from!” and ponder the very deep-long-and-wide evenly-laid flat layers in this picture, and.. under your very feet right now where you are…probably as well! Wow! Did you get the same epiphany? [striking revealing thought] Because that constitutes a lot of dirt!


Did the trillions of cubic kilometers/miles of dirt, which amount to a gigantic volume of worldwide rock, fall from space? From Mars? Or were they dug from the ocean basins?

Or as we are told by geologists, it resulted from the accumulative “one inch of non-alluvial deposit per year?” Because it could not have come from the mountains as this little image pretends, because the many cubic KM sediments under our feet amount to much more than the volume of all the mountains put together! So logically speaking all that dirt must have come from somewhere else!

IF it all erupted from volcanic explosions, the layers would never be so horizontally even, and then Earth should have featured billions of volcanoes sticking out of or buried under igneous rock! But it doesn’t and there are relatively few volcanoes in the world compared to the kilometers deep shell of deposited dirt which is mostly not igneous! (of volcanic nature)


So, if the dirt did not fall from space nor erupt from volcanoes, these thick layers must have been water-laid! There is no other way! And so the forced-down-our-throat preferred Darwinian view called “Uniformitarianism” (“all things continue similarly as they always did”) makes no sense.

Why? Because all that cubic kilometers deep dirt must then have originated from Earth itself, from some break-up or erosion of Earth’s very own crust! (discussed before) Look at the diversity and thickness of those layers. That must have been one hell-of-a catastrophe! Nothing “uniformitarian” about that.


And in order for it to have been laid in such several different layers of such several different types of rock, it must have been deposited by many consecutive water tsunamis during the same huge global event!

Because even ONE layer worldwide ought to have been laid by one flood or inundation worldwide, but the very existence of so many layers makes it easier to understand that it was one huge catastrophic violent inundation that deposited the by-it-eroded crustal dirt so evenly during the more peaceful aftermath!

The fact that the dirt came from the continental crust and its mountains, shows how huge “the plow” must have been, and we can see that by the global cracks in the Earth’s crust, like our ring of fire here in Taiwan, and the mid-oceanic ridges!

Why ONE global event? Because for dirt to be laid by water so ubiquitously even, huge amounts of water would have been required to produce the energy to distribute that much heavy dirt worldwide! It can never be explained by just gravitational energy produced by water-caused erosion flowing down a mountain.

And SO by definition, there is NONE other or better cause and reasonable explanation than a catastrophic Flood that obviously was Global supplying the needed mechanism and kinetic energy, even if it had been one layer! The fact that they are multiple layers proves it even more!

Huge Mechanism Requires Huge Trigger

The next conclusion follows as day after night, that IF the strata/layers could have only been laid by a Global Flood, then there must have been some kind of direct cause for it from somewhere! Somehow the oceans must have been heaved or moved upwards and sideways by some kind of kinetic energy for it to slowly zig-zag back down with 2-3-4- KM deep/high sediments. Where did that global energy come from?


Why sediments? Because even mainstream geologists admit that the strata consist of water-laid sediments. Nothing else could have laid them so neatly horizontal, without any traces of erosion or plant growth remains between them, which should have been there if indeed the layers were laid in different eras, or “eons”, or “over 4,5 billion years” for crying out loud.


You see, science is not so hard, if you think a little deeper about things, and — now pay attention — IF you don’t have a political agenda for a politically correct result or philosophy! But if you do, you are just a politician, never a scientist! You can call yourself one and authorities will hire you as one, but you are a phony as fake as a three dollar bill.


So, a global flood is the only feasible mechanism that could have ever created enough energy to break up all that crust into very eroded material, crushed rock, finer sediments, sand, dust, etc, that we observe worldwide, and were the necessary ingredients for the several different kinds of clay that eventually turned into different types of rock after it had dried up!

Folded-RockYou can even see that all these layers were initially soft and malleable at one and the same time in the following images, because afterwards when tectonic and volcanic upheavals shifted and lifted and compressed these layers like an accordion, they didn’t crack or show break-lines as they would today, but they yielded and bent easily.

What do Darwinists say? “They folded over millions of years!”


Why different fossils in different layers?

If you see a flood coming, what would you do? You try to survive right? You run for the hills, or find something to float on! Even if you die, your body normally floats, as we saw in Thailand’s Tsunami. Tiny waves compared to a Global Flood! Animals do the same. The elephants on Phuket island in Thailand knew it was coming before man.. and ran up the hills! Most breathing non-aquatic animals do!

This movie clip is a horrid example of the Phuket tragedy.

This report is about how 3000 dinos in Zhucheng (Shandong province) were all fleeing in the same direction, “100 million years ago.”

That wasn’t 100 million years ago! Only about 5.000 years ago! And the dinos weren’t fleeing from the meat eating dinos, but carnivores and herbivores alike, were all fleeing from the Global Flood! Also here in China.
Why only 5000 years ago? 3000 BC? Because that’s when many of the 700 tribes talked about the Great Flood, amongst all other reasons you can find on Ancient Patriarchs.


A massive slaughter of 3000 dinosaurs all eating each other? How realistic is that! They must have all died from indigestion, as Zhucheng is one of the biggest dino-fossil-graveyard in the world. But most Communist Chinese geologists and paleontologists are just as propagandised as Darwinians elsewhere.
No, these 3000 dino-s were fleeing up the mountain to get away from the rising waters, like these cattle did in a flood near Brisbane, Australia, a few  years ago.



If these dinosaurs had been fleeing anywhere else, the animal tracks and their bones would have been erased and ground into powder or sediment layers, as almost everything was in those days. Almost nothing survived…except the tops of some of these hills located on cratons [stable part of the continental lithosphere] where the fresh tracks weren‘t covered over with layers of sediments. As you can see, Zhucheng (white dot) is right in the middle of Shan Dong province (red), right on the (blue) Chino-Korean Craton.


Men, and bigger, long legged animals will flee and die later and float longer than the infamous trilobites. Those that couldn’t run sank to the “Cambrian” level. That doesn’t mean that they were our evolutionary forefathers, the oldest ones? That is Darwinian snake oil. Why do we swallow it?

But even though fake, real Darwinists, like Charles Darwins’ own brother Erasmus, don’t give a damn that it is fake. They are willingly ignorant, or rather complicit. They want it to be true so bad, because it’s their agenda, that they don’t care what the facts are. Listen to Erasmus:


BIG: “In fact the 12 priori reasoning [the theory] is so entirely satisfactory to me, that if the facts won’t fit in, why, so much the worse for the facts, is my feeling.” – Erasmus Darwin,1859.

Or hear Darwin’s lawyer and geologist friend, Charles Lyell, conspiring…



Conclusion: The facts on (or under) the ground only fit a global deluge, because there is no other mechanism powerful enough that can break up enough crust, grind it into sediments, and then deposit them in such great numbers of cubic miles worldwide, including billions of fossils, than the collective kinetic energy from a worldwide water catastrophe triggered by super-critical water-fountains from the earth cracking, breaking up, and eroding the granitic continental and basaltic oceanic crust.


That is the next question: “What in the world triggered the Flood and broke the 8-30 KM thick worldwide crust into tectonic plates. One inch of yearly space dust over billions of years? Which can’t produce any fossil before they rot? Or millions of non-existing volcanoes erupting perhaps?


For that mystery read our other article on “What cracked original Pangaea!”

QUESTION: Did you junk your television, magazines, newspaper subscriptions  already?
Good on ya mate!

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